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2010-09-13 12:19 pm

chiaki finally follows shuuty

I'm so happy!!! XDD Chiaki finally followed Shuuta on twitter on Sept 11th.

Here's a translation of their tweets:
"SHUUTY_ss: @chiaki_AAA Why aren’t you following (me) up till now!! lol

chiaki_AAA: @SHUUTY_ss That’s true… Soww~y ヽ(;▽;)ノLet’s work together tomorrow nya~”

(Up till now, I still don't know how to translate yoroshiku. So I just left is as work together. :B)

See, it was Shuuta who told Chiaki to follow him. XD I'm a happy fangirl now! I mean they're my favourite pair, so of course I'm happy. :D
And just before I  found these tweets, I was still wondering if Shuuta and Chiaki don't get along. Now I'm proven wrong~

see original!
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2010-08-14 08:28 pm

aaa twitter accounts

I haven't been checking dreamwidth alot! D: 

Anyway, recently, Shuta just created a twitter account! :DD  I'm super happy because he's one of my most favourite members in AAA. :D 

The weird thing I realise though... is that he's not following Chiaki. And neither is Chiaki following him. I remember a few days before that, Misako joined twitter as well. And it took a while before Misako and Chiaki followed each other, when Misako had already followed Naoya and Hidaka. Weird huh. Am I just thinking too much into it? I mean, they could easily follow each other right?

I have a feeling like, Chiaki... She's not really close to the group, is she? Idk. Maybe she is, and I'm just being paranoid.
Of course I would be happy if everyone in AAA got along with each other. That's what everyone wants, no?
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2010-06-30 05:58 pm

chiaki is back

Yessss!  Chiaki is back!  On twitter. :DDDD  Thank Gooood. :'D

I hope she stays well!

And with that said, I can't wait for the new single!  ♥
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2010-06-26 10:46 am
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Chiaki absent again

Yeap, Chiaki's absent again. This time for the Pigg Live. :'( vspirit@lj said she fell down the stairs and knocked her head? Something like that, but from the AAA site, I read that it's due to poor health that she couldn't take part. ;___;

Take care, Chiaki.

And get well soon. ♥

I don't want another member leaving AAA again.