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I'm so happy!!! XDD Chiaki finally followed Shuuta on twitter on Sept 11th.

Here's a translation of their tweets:
"SHUUTY_ss: @chiaki_AAA Why aren’t you following (me) up till now!! lol

chiaki_AAA: @SHUUTY_ss That’s true… Soww~y ヽ(;▽;)ノLet’s work together tomorrow nya~”

(Up till now, I still don't know how to translate yoroshiku. So I just left is as work together. :B)

See, it was Shuuta who told Chiaki to follow him. XD I'm a happy fangirl now! I mean they're my favourite pair, so of course I'm happy. :D
And just before I  found these tweets, I was still wondering if Shuuta and Chiaki don't get along. Now I'm proven wrong~

see original!
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I haven't been checking dreamwidth alot! D: 

Anyway, recently, Shuta just created a twitter account! :DD  I'm super happy because he's one of my most favourite members in AAA. :D 

The weird thing I realise though... is that he's not following Chiaki. And neither is Chiaki following him. I remember a few days before that, Misako joined twitter as well. And it took a while before Misako and Chiaki followed each other, when Misako had already followed Naoya and Hidaka. Weird huh. Am I just thinking too much into it? I mean, they could easily follow each other right?

I have a feeling like, Chiaki... She's not really close to the group, is she? Idk. Maybe she is, and I'm just being paranoid.
Of course I would be happy if everyone in AAA got along with each other. That's what everyone wants, no?
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Yessss!  Chiaki is back!  On twitter. :DDDD  Thank Gooood. :'D

I hope she stays well!

And with that said, I can't wait for the new single!  ♥
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I recently stumbled on Chiaki's twitter account. :D  I'm happy because she's my most favourite member of AAA.

By the way, AAA's my most listened-to artist on last.fm, with 2221 plays. XD But honestly, that little? I thought I listen to them a lot! Plus, the number of artists I listen to is really little. D: It's really pathetic. I want to listen to more artists!

Some of my favourite artists so far include Nishino Kana, NEWS, TegoMasu, Shimizu Shota. And that's about it. I do listen to other artists but they aren't really my favourites. :/ Maybe I should check out last.fm's recommendations. Hmm.

Have to get back to work now!
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I'm really glad Chiaki has more screentime and solo lines to sing now. :D  Though I would like it too if the other guys had more lines too. Like Shuta and Shinjiro. :( It's sad to see members being left out, imo. They deserve as much parts as everyone else in the group. But anyway, yay for Chiaki!  Maybe the other members will have their time in the next few singles. :3

That's funny. I seem to only talk about AAA in here. That's why I only have one tag. XD
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I'm totally loving AAA's new song!!  :DD  It's filled with awesomeness and emotions. lolol. I can't wait for the full single release! Hoping their sales will be higher than before! Every new release just makes me love them more and more~

Ah, about the new song... I can't really remember what it sounds like now. XD  Blame it on my poor memory. I just remember that it was awesome. But thankfully, I have the video!  Thanks to[personal profile] bravelioness . ♥ I'll watch it again later. Again and again and again. Hohoho.

Hmm... I still don't quite understand why there has to be dreamwidth when there's livejournal. They're exactly the same! Well, except for some parts like the userpic upload feature...


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