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I haven't been checking dreamwidth alot! D: 

Anyway, recently, Shuta just created a twitter account! :DD  I'm super happy because he's one of my most favourite members in AAA. :D 

The weird thing I realise though... is that he's not following Chiaki. And neither is Chiaki following him. I remember a few days before that, Misako joined twitter as well. And it took a while before Misako and Chiaki followed each other, when Misako had already followed Naoya and Hidaka. Weird huh. Am I just thinking too much into it? I mean, they could easily follow each other right?

I have a feeling like, Chiaki... She's not really close to the group, is she? Idk. Maybe she is, and I'm just being paranoid.
Of course I would be happy if everyone in AAA got along with each other. That's what everyone wants, no?

Date: 2010-08-21 06:11 am (UTC)
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Wow, really?? You know, I never noticed this....It's kind of sad to hear. T_T

But I do have to admit that after meeting all of AAA, Chiaki did seem kind of cold in person. She was polite, but she doesn't seem to like foreigners very much, and she didn't smile at all at the AAA concert. Plus I've been getting the feeling lately that she's become a lot more confident, being a lead singer now, so maybe that is why there is some distance too.

Oh goodness....I don't want them to break up for reasons like this.....

Date: 2010-08-21 07:04 pm (UTC)
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That's a good point! Maybe she was putting on a cool front!!! (At that time, she wasn't as popular in the group as she is now, and she's definitely 10x more confident now....Did you see the latest Makenai Kokoro performance??? She was SOOOOOO confident!!! On the contrary, Misako now looked really under-confident, and that made me so sad.... T_T) Actually, the whole thing makes me feel sad, because once upon a time, Chiaki was my favorite girl!!! But I have to be honest, Misako is so much nicer in person, even if she kind of seems more self-absorbed or something of that like on screen.

Yeah, they've always given off the impression of being so close to each other and loving each other.......But it's true...I guess you really don't see Misako hanging out with Chiaki when she doesn't have to......I really hope they're not mean to each other, especially the two girls. Why are girls always so mean to each other....? -_-


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